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ScribeSeeker.comIn 2010, the earnings keep going with a whopping 75% ad share for all authors, all of the time.  Want to know more about how you can make money writing on ScribeSeeker.com?  Read (“How to make Money on ScribeSeeker”) about how to register your AdSense ID and how to best promote your articles.    If you do not want to  or neglect to register your AdSense ID correctly on ScribeSeeker, you will not earn any commissions on your ads.  This is okay by us, but if you’re wanting to earn some money, make sure you input your AdSense ID!

What we aren’t

ScribeSeeker.com is not the fanciest article directory.  It’s not packed with features that don’t do anything but complicate the writing experience.  Submitting articles is simple, you’re not required to use any funny templates, and all we ask it that you write your very best writing.  In return, we’ll give you a great venue for earning passive income on your articles.  The more you write, the more potential you have to earn.

Who we are

“We” are one person.  My name is Eileen and I own and operate ScribeSeeker.com.  I am a freelance writer, stay at home mom, and novice web developer.  I wanted to create this site because I was tired of making pennies at other sites that “share” their ad revenue.  I wanted to give other authors an opportunity to earn what their writing was worth.  Finally, I wanted to make a community where authors and web developers could sync up and work with each other.  (Our “mail” system is not self contained.  Your email address is protected, however messages will be sent directly to your email box, and if you reply, your contact will then have your email address.)  I did this so that there was no middle man.  I don’t want a cut of your personal sales.  The percentage ScribeSeeker makes pays for my hosting, business expenses and a pinch for my time.  Keeping in mind that I’m just one person, please be patient when you contact me – I’ll try to respond within 24 hours whenever possible.

Your responsibilities

You, as an author, are responsible for writing quality content.  We do not want article software-generated junk, we do not want the same article rehashed twelve different ways.  We don’t want articles written in a non-English language and squeezed through a bad translation program.  Articles should be 300-600 (or more) words and your work must be original.  If you quote other folks’ work or if you use images, you MUST cite your source, and in the case of images, you must ensure they have Creative Commons rights that allow you to do so.  Plagiarism is the kiss of death here on ScribeSeeker.  Don’t be that guy/gal.

NOTE:  Please keep a copy of ALL of your articles saved on your computer and/or backed up somewhere.  We can not be held responsible if the Internet goes kerplooey and your articles get vaporized.  Save, save, save!

In conclusion

Welcome to the newest, most friendly, awesome, super, spectacular corner of the world for writers and folks who want to read their writing.  My goal is to make all of our hard work scribing pay off (at least a little!).  If you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to send me a message.  My member ID is “admin” – look me up and drop me a line!

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