What is Wrong with this World

Everyday we see sensational events happening all around us. We see random acts of violence and insanity; continuing war and violence; world economy in turmoil; natural disasters distroying countless lives, poverty and diseases killing people by the millions. Is the state of humanity turning from bad to worst?


This terminology is constantly attributed to Al Qaeda and the Taliban but it exists as divisive elements in each and every society in the world. Extremists may be few in numbers but their controversial ideas and propositions often fill media outlets and fuel anger and cynicism.

American society is in such polarized and battered state that extremists, in trying to justify the meaning of all of this, is feeding people’s fears and anxieties to advance their personal agenda. The reason why people are easily manipulated brings us to the next phenomena.

Herd Mentality

As Kay in Men in Black aptly said, “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.” This is the reason why people are gullible to fall into just about anything, to be able to sleep well at night.

Which herd do you belong? If you are not a Republican, then you must be a Democrat? And if you’re a Democrat, are you with the “Blue Dogs” or with the ultra-liberals? If you are an ultra-liberal then you must be appalled with Stupak’s betrayal? Why can’t most people get out of such tagging and labeling? – As if we’re cows.

Apathy and Cynicism

But are we able to think through each and every happening that comes our way? – Only if we’re not apathetic and cynical all the while. We may be experts and adept in our field of expertise (we even consider ourselves indispensable) but when we are disconnected with the world around us, what does that make us?

We choose to live in our comfort zones – a safe corner where we are the master of our universe. But as always, it exists only a while; until a cataclysmic event like the Global economic crisis encroaches what we thought, all of the while, as the perfect little world.

Sins of the Father

After an emotional tsunami hits us, we scamper to get on with our lives. The process almost always passes through our powerful denial system which justifies and rationalizes our frame of mind. After a while, many would eventually go back to battered paths but once in a while, a few, venture on to become pathfinders and in the process discover the “sins of the father.”

Psychologists would attribute our psychological makeup as the summation of all our experiences. It determines our frame of mind and belief system but at the same time we swallow everything, “hook, line and sinker, and incorporates everything to our subconscious. But the really question is, “Is this healthy?”

The Truth is a Paradox

The world is how we see it. We may see the Health Care bill as Socialism while others see it as a stand against the excesses of Capitalism. We may see the war against terror as protecting American interests while others see it as America’s arrogance and intolerance. But incredibly, what is highlighted are the extremes and what is missing is the middle ground.

There aren’t enough people working to make things work sustainably for common welfare and interests. People justify their actions as the “right” thing to do. But what is “right” anyway? Isn’t it just coming from own version of truth? What is wrong in this world is when people, especially those in power, think they have the monopoly of truth.


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