Try Amazon Prime for Hassle Free Online Shopping

If there’s ever a great time to avail of Amazon Prime, then this gift-giving season is definitely it. It maybe expensive at first glance but if you’re considering on ordering gift items online or you simply love shopping at; the Amazon Prime is the best free shipping deal you can avail of; and it’s actually cheap if you know how to use it.

Is it worth it?

Amazon Prime is an online membership program for fast and safe shipping of items you purchase from and third-party merchants participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon program. For an annual fee of $79, you and up to fourmembers of your household or officemates (with the same address) can avail of Free Two-Day Shipping for more than a million in-stock items at read more

Zsu Zsu Pets

If you’ve read this article just now, then chances are you are one of those scampering around to get your hands on those hard to find Zsu Zsu Pets. Or maybe you were living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan for more than a month now and just come out to know about the hottest craze among the ever-demanding 5-10 year old American consumer.

What are Zsu Zsu Pets?

Zsu Zsu pets are actually four little toy hamsters with wheels and sensors which enables them to run around, bump and make a turn, sniff, make cute squirmy noises over and over again on the floor or in their hamster habitat. These four cute furry friends are touted to have four unique personalities. read more

What is Wrong with this World

Everyday we see sensational events happening all around us. We see random acts of violence and insanity; continuing war and violence; world economy in turmoil; natural disasters distroying countless lives, poverty and diseases killing people by the millions. Is the state of humanity turning from bad to worst?


This terminology is constantly attributed to Al Qaeda and the Taliban but it exists as divisive elements in each and every society in the world. Extremists may be few in numbers but their controversial ideas and propositions often fill media outlets and fuel anger and cynicism. read more

Steps to Running your Vehicle on Vegetable Oil

There is a growing movement towards the use of renewable sources of energy. One viable option is using vegetable oil to run diesel-powered vehicles. Enthusiasts and purists prefer the use of waste vegetable oil (WVO) because it is the cheapest option and at the same time, it is a form of recycling. However, there are technical issues which must be considered before jumping into the bandwagon.


The diesel engine was originally designed to run on vegetable oil. But as the petroleum industry grew, diesel fuel became the standard by which future designs of the diesel engine was founded into. Since diesel fuel and vegetable oil have inherent differences in properties; all available solutions center on improving viscosity and combustibility of vegetable oil. read more