Try Amazon Prime for Hassle Free Online Shopping

If there’s ever a great time to avail of Amazon Prime, then this gift-giving season is definitely it. It maybe expensive at first glance but if you’re considering on ordering gift items online or you simply love shopping at; the Amazon Prime is the best free shipping deal you can avail of; and it’s actually cheap if you know how to use it.

Is it worth it?

Amazon Prime is an online membership program for fast and safe shipping of items you purchase from and third-party merchants participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon program. For an annual fee of $79, you and up to fourmembers of your household or officemates (with the same address) can avail of Free Two-Day Shipping for more than a million in-stock items at

If you’re really in such a rush, you can also avail of One-Day Shipping for $3.99 per item through the Amazon Prime program.

Cool, isn’t it? Forget about worrying on how much your going to pay for shipping of each item you add up on your shopping cart. It’s free once you become a member of Amazon Prime. Also remember that it does not require a minimum purchase amount to avail of Amazon Prime’s free shipping facility.

Share the membership fee

Since it allows you to nominate up to four individuals in your Amazon Prime membership, you could actually divide the membership fee between the five of you! That would result to just about $16 each to avail of one year free shipping on all eligible items you buy at and its affiliates.

How do I add a member?

Simply log on to your membership account and click on the link to “Your Amazon Prime Membership.” You then enter the person you want to invite, your relationship, the e-mail address and birthday in the appropriate fields and click “Invite.” An e-mail will automatically be sent to the e-mail address you specified. However, you need to provide invited members with the month and day of your birthday to formally accept your invitation.

And for any reason you want to remove anybody on your membership lists, you can do so by clicking the “Remove” button next to the name of the person you wish to remove.

Other details you should know about Amazon Prime

Free Two-Day Shipping and the $3.99 One-Day shipping is only applicable to for shipments to continental U.S. addresses (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, P.O. boxes, APO, FPO, or DPO, and U.S. territories, possessions and protectorates).

You may have to check if bulkier items qualify for the 2 day shipping but as a general rule they are usually able to ship it out using the standard shipping for free

If you’re still unsure, you can try Amazon Prime free for a month! Just check out for further details and accompanying terms and conditions.

Zsu Zsu Pets

If you’ve read this article just now, then chances are you are one of those scampering around to get your hands on those hard to find Zsu Zsu Pets. Or maybe you were living in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan for more than a month now and just come out to know about the hottest craze among the ever-demanding 5-10 year old American consumer.

What are Zsu Zsu Pets?

Zsu Zsu pets are actually four little toy hamsters with wheels and sensors which enables them to run around, bump and make a turn, sniff, make cute squirmy noises over and over again on the floor or in their hamster habitat. These four cute furry friends are touted to have four unique personalities.

CHUNK. This laid back surfing hamster is famous for chilling out, hanging back and laying low but he’s off and running with a sniff of slamming surf.

  1. SQUIGGLES. He is the one who is always on the go to explore around. He’s been around and has lived to tell his experience. Love him, pet him and watch him go.

NUM NUMS. She is the tracker and if there’s something which attracts this cute and fussy little friend’s highly trained sniffer, she can easily tract down those munchies.

PIPSQUEAK. She is the daredevil of the group. Just give her the wiggle room and she’ll do her stuff. She may be small and petite and she’s quite a powerhouse.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get your hands on these four little pets, the kids would enjoy it more with the Hamster Funhouse, their Adventure Ball and the Hamster House Starter Set. And what would make these fun loving hamsters happier than to have their own Hamster Wheel, Carrier and Blanket, Garage and Hamster Car.

The Big Question

Where can I find them? Cepia LLC, which manufactures and distributes the Zsu Zsu line of toy hamsters, has announced that the Zsu Zsu pets are available at Toys “R” Us, Walmart, Meijer, Shopko, Duckwall, Blains and online at Zsu Zsu pets are also available at

But the bigger question is, “Are the Zsu Zsu pets available till now?” Of course this depends on when now is. While it is prudent not to go for overpriced finds, try explaining to your kid that you can’t find anywhere his much anticipated Christmas present. If you can’t find it in official outlets, you can always try Ebay. Here’s a tip: while these toys maybe popularly spelled Zsu Zsu pets, you can also search under Zhuzhu, Zu Zu, Zoo Zoo or even Go Go. Happy hunting!